Seat & Cargo Track Extrusion (Rails)

Including Boeing Seat Tracks (BAC 1520 Series), Douglas Seat Tracks & Brownline Seat Tracks.

With or without hole pattern. Specific part numbers are available from our extensive inventory of thousands of shapes. Typical lengths are 10,12,20,24 feet.


Type A


Type B (Misc)


Type C


Type D


Type E

Type-F – Copy

Type F

Type-G – Copy

Type G

Standard Hole Pattern for Aircraft Seat Track


  1. Center location of the holes to be 1.00 times number of holes +/- .02″ between any two holes in any 100″ increments.
  2. Standard hole diameter .785″ +/- .005″.
  3. Any deviations from these standard specifications should be called out at the time of order entry.
  4. This raw material will require additional processing prior to installation on aircraft.

Standard Hole Pattern Specification 66-1573 Rev. C